Here is a list of some of my frequently asked question’s:

Q. …How long do I need to attend psychotherapy sessions for?

A. …It is different for each individual: sometimes, problems can be quite complex and longer term therapy is more beneficial. Other times, you may have one particular issue that you wish to explore and we can mutually agree on a certain number of weeks, ie; 6 or 12 weeks.

Q. ...What if we agree a course of 6 week sessions and I find that I want to continue?

A. …We can always extend the number of sessions to suit your needs

Q. …Occasionally I need to work late or work away for a couple of days and might miss my session. What happens then?

A. …We can arrange for another day or time during the week and if this is not possible then we accept that a session will be missed and we meet as usual in the following week.

Q. …Do I have to pay for missed sessions?

A. …If you contact me before your session, preferably with as much notice as possible, then there is no charge for a missed session.  If you miss your session without notice, then your agreed fee will still apply.

Q. … I would like some counselling but I have difficulties, which prevent me from being able to visit a counsellor. Can we talk online?

A. …We can certainly have weekly counselling sessions online, via Skype.