About me


My own past experiences and time in therapy as a client has resulted in me having immense interest in the world of mental health and immeasurable compassion and warmth towards those who choose to sit with me in comfort and safety.

My journey through life showed me that there never seems to be time and space for individuals to talk and be heard. Listening is a skill; it involves complete focus on the person who is talking; paying detailed attention to what is being said and not said; listening with feeling and empathy towards the other person’s life story; always trying to put oneself in the other’s shoes.  These skills and attributes add up to a very rewarding experience for both myself and the other person.   This and my passionate interest in psychological health and well being is what drives me to treat each individual I meet as a new and unique experience to be treasured.

I have practiced within an NHS Complex Care Team and Community Mental Health Team during my years of training. I am now  committed to my private practice as well as volunteering as a counsellor, to a charitable organisation.

My qualifications are:   BSc (Hons) Psychology

Masters in Psychotherapy & Counselling

Advanced Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy

UKCP (accredited)

Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) certified for Trauma & PTSD & CPTSD

I specialise in trauma – PTSD & CPTSD and I am experienced in helping with:-

  • Anxiety – often as a result of past, repressed emotions such as anger, being triggered in day to day relationships
  • Anger– sometimes erupting when triggered by events and others in everyday life
  • Depression–  usually as a result of repressed emotions, negative thoughts
  • Psychosomatic illnesses or pain–is very real but often originates from experiencing long term, continual anxiety
  • Abuse– sexual, physical is also emotional abuse. Sometimes it is solely emotional abuse; all of which can leave   you feeling helpless, powerless, depressed, fearful, shame, no sense of self worth.
  • Relationships–  how we relate to others and how we experience others in relationships can be explored by looking at early relationships in childhood.